Fluxbox configuration (Debian)



sudo apt-get install xorg fluxbox

For additional software, install:

sudo apt-get install spacefm netsurf gparted mate-utils mate-system-monitor

Menu configuration

In the file ~/.fluxbox/menu, add the following lines after [begin] (fluxbox):

[exec] (SpaceFM) {/usr/bin/spacefm} </usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/spacefm.png>
[exec] (Netsurf Web Browser) {/usr/bin/netsurf-gtk} </usr/share/pixmaps/netsurf.xpm>
[exec] (GNOME partition editor) {sudo -A /usr/sbin/gparted} </usr/share/pixmaps/gparted.xpm>
[exec] (MATE Disk Usage Analyzer) {/usr/bin/mate-disk-usage-analyzer} </usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/apps/mate-disk-usage-analyzer.png>
[exec] (MATE System Monitor) {/usr/bin/mate-system-monitor} <>
[exec] (Xcalc) {xcalc} <>
[exec] (Top) { x-terminal-emulator -T "Top" -e /usr/bin/top} <>
[exec] (XTerm (Unicode\)) {uxterm} </usr/share/pixmaps/xterm-color_32x32.xpm>


Background change

Edit the theme that you want. The themes are under the folder /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/.

Edit the file theme.cfg of your favorite theme and add the following text in the section BACKGROUND (disable other defenitions if necessary):

background:             fullscreen
background.pixmap:      /usr/share/images/fluxbox/debian-dark.png

Run GUI applications as root


sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass

Configure the file /etc/sudo.conf (create if doesn’t exist):

# Path to askpass helper program
Path askpass /usr/bin/ssh-askpass

Then call sudo with -A or --askpass option. Example:

sudo -A gparted