Install Windows 95 on DOSBox

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dd if=/dev/zero of=c.img bs=512 count=818496

fdisk -c=dos -S 63 -H 16 -C 812 c.img
o -> n -> p -> 1 -> enter -> enter
t -> 6 -> w

cfdisk c.img
- Create a DOS partition table
- Create a Primary Partition with whole disk
- Change the partition type to FAT16 (number 6)
- Set the partition as bootable

sudo losetup -P –show -f c.img

sudo mkfs.fat -F16 -v -n DOSPART /dev/loop1p1

sudo mount /dev/loop1p1 /mnt/

sudo umount /dev/loop1p1

sudo losetup -d /dev/loop1